From transition to transformation

A smooth transition process depends on dedicated people and an accurate change management process, from planning to operation. In close collaboration with you, our transition managers will help streamline new ways of working and prepare people for change – all with minimum disruption to your daily business.


Managing change

Using our proven transition process, we’ll keep the workplace running at full potential – from mobilisation to transformation. We’ll help you reduce the time and costs associated with managing change, freeing you and your people to focus on your core purpose.

Our transition process

Our global transition process ensures compliance to legislation, policies and best practices, providing transparency on spending, service levels, efficiency, and more. Process is one thing; people who care is another. Our transition managers are dedicated to every aspect of your workplace strategy – from services to supply chain – ensuring we connect your people and places smoothly and efficiently.

Putting your value first

The essence of a successful partnership is early proof of value. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure we meet your needs at every stage of the transition process – whether that’s ensuring compliance, keeping you informed, streamlining service delivery or realising financial benefits.

Supported by our trained and talented team

We have more than 100 certified transition managers around the world constantly exchanging experience to make sure we keep improving our processes. You can depend on the fact that our people will take ownership of every stage of the transition to ensure robust governance. 
foto fabriek Nestle


Transitioning a global contract during a global pandemic 

In the early months of 2020, ISS successfully navigated the challenges of transitioning Nestlé’s facility management services to ISS. Despite the pandemic, we helped ensure a smooth transition and still managed to complete in record time.


Transition process




Transition implementation


Readiness & handover



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